Updated: 2024-02-26 Mon 10:47

Notes for showcasing design

What this is

This note is strictly for showcasing how the things that org-mode has functionality for translates into the actual html output itself. If you don't know what org-mode is, you can read about it here. I'll basically copy/paste the source they used there which show most of the functionality and put it here. The note you are reading right now is the actual output of the build system using this org-mode file as a source.


Org is a markup language and can be used for all kinds of things, such as italics, bold, strikethrough and underline. It can also combine these styles, such as here. It also has the verbatim and code styles. Additionally we may, if we choose to use the right publishing option, use sub and superscripts, likethis or likethat. To make a true underline we can use_for this. We should also have access to special symbols: π and also embed latex \(x^2 = \int \sin(y + z)\) or even do equations

\begin{equation} \label{org90ac15e} x^2 = \int \sin(y + z) \end{equation}

which may even be referenced \eqref{org90ac15e}.


Org-mode has headlines, we can descend down.

Headline: 1 level down

Headline: 2 levels down


We can create unordered lists like:

  • The first list item
  • The second
  • And so forth

If we want, we can also create ordered items as

  1. First item
    • We can also nest them
    • Oh yeah
  2. Second item

and so forth.

Finally, we can also make lists with descriptions

First element
This is the first element
Second element
This is the second element


We can create tables, with captions

Table 1: Skills that I have acquired over the years
Skill Years Level (out of 10)
Webdev 0 2
ML 9 9

Tags   tag1 tag2

We can also add tags. Maybe for categorising notes or headings.


We can add dates inline <2023-11-10 Fri>.


There are a great number of predefined blocks

To be, or not to be, that is the question

We can make notes

A quick note

Or center text

Let's center some text

Finally, here is an example

Here is a quick example

This is a verse.

But probably source blocks are the most useful ones (?)

while True:
    print("Emacs ❤️ Org")

Here is the footnote. Rendering of course depends on the publish / export.


Here is an inline footnote, wonder what to put in here.